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Tips and templates from our experts

Building & Renting Out Properties

Rental agreement for garages and parking spaces

You want to rent out a parking space? Our model agreement will help you.

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Required form for initial rent

In some cantons, you as landlord must inform the new tenant of the previous rent on conclusion of the rental agreement.

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Amendment of payments on account for ancillary charges

You want to amend the payment schedule for ancillary charges? Our template will help you notify the tenant.

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Formation of a stock corporation (AG)

All you need to know to found a stock corporation (AG) is available in our checklist.

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Subordination agreement

You're a shareholder and want to draw up a subordination agreement?

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Shareholder agreement

You want to draw up a shareholder agreement?

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Consumer issues

Damage due to faulty products

If damage arises due to a faulty product, product liability takes effect. What do you need to be aware of in such cases?

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Model rental agreement for movable objects

You want to draw up a rental agreement for a movable object? Then use our template.

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Buying a used car

You want to buy a used car but are unsure about the condition of the vehicle? Our checklist will help you.

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Dangers of online shopping

You've seen great shoes in an online shop? What you need to watch out for when shopping on the internet so as not to experience any nasty surprises.

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Your web content has been copied?

The content of your website is copyright-protected. You can use our template to warn transgressors.

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Warning due to illegal streaming

Our factsheet shows you what downloads and streaming are permitted in Switzerland and what is forbidden.

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Sponsorship agreement for clubs

You've acquired sponsors for your club? Use our template to draw up the sponsorship agreement.

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Sponsorship agreement for events

You're planning an open air concert, a sporting event, or a village fete and are seeking sponsors? We recommend you draw up a sponsorship agreement.

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You'd like an allotment?

Allotments are generally leased, which requires the signing of a contract.

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Shareholder loan

You as a shareholder want to grant a shareholder loan? We can help.

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Do you need information about debt forgiveness or debt acknowledgment?

Then take a look at our template documents.

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Drawing up a loan agreement

You'd like to take out a loan with a friend or with your parents? We recommend that you draw up a loan agreement, for which we'll send you a template.

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Partnership & Family

What is a gift?

What exactly is a gift and what does a gift agreement look like?

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How do I grant a (general) power of attorney?

Our sample document will help you draw up a contract.

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Determine your own assistance

You want to avoid life-sustaining assistance being given in the event that you become incapable of judgment? Then you should draw up a living will.

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Objection against a neighbor's construction project

Your neighbor's construction project will block your view? Our sample letter will help you raise an objection.

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Why do I need household contents insurance?

Every household, whatever its size, needs household contents insurance. Why?

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You're considering employing domestic staff?

Then you should be aware of certain points.

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Raise an objection against a tax assessment

Our templates help you if you have complex tax problems.

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Muss ich mein Billet abgeben, wenn ich in Deutschland zu schnell gefahren bin?

Hier findest du Informationen zu den rechtlichen Folgen, wenn du auf den deutschen Autobahnen zu schnell gefahren bist.

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You leased a vehicle but can no longer afford the installments?

Then you should attempt to agree an out-of-court settlement with the counterparty.

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Tips for correct behavior following an accident

Accident? What now? Our tips and our checklist will help you in the event of a traffic accident.

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Your flight is delayed or canceled?

Flights are often subject to serious delays or else are canceled or overbooked. What options do you have?

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Bringing home a counterfeit branded handbag or watch as a souvenir?

You want to bring home a counterfeit product from the street market at your vacation destination? Be careful!

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Your trip is canceled or interrupted due to force majeure?

You're unable to start your planned trip due to bad weather? But you've already paid for the vacation?

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What belongs in a resumé and in a job application?

Here you'll find some useful tips.

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Request for the issue or correction of a work reference

You are unhappy with your work reference?

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Request to be informed of termination reasons

You want to know the precise reasons why your employer has terminated your employment?

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