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Sponsorship agreement for associations

Have you gained a sponsor for your association? Use our agreement template to set up your sponsorship agreement.

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Information about sponsorship agreements

In a traditional sponsorship agreement for associations, the sponsor acquires the right to display their name and logo in various places, e.g. on the association’s team shirt, on brochures, and on other means of communication, in return for payment or the supply of products or services. The sponsor uses this as a way to increase their market presence and brand recognition, as well as benefiting from media interest and the good image of the association.

There are three types of sponsorship agreements, which differ according to the intensity of the business relationship.

  • Sponsorship for purely advertising purposes
    Most important feature: To reach as many people as possible through the publicity of the association/the sponsored persons.
  • Sponsorship as a cooperation
    Most important feature: In addition to the right to place advertising, this type entails additional active rights, such as the possibility to meet the team. The cooperation is more intensive than with a sponsorship for purely advertising purposes. 
  • Sponsorship as a partnership
    In this case, both partners intend to benefit from the publicity of the other – and use the resulting synergies. This is the most intensive type of sponsorship. 

Depending on the requirements, an event, person, or association can be sponsored. 
The sponsorship agreement is not governed by law, which is why many aspects can be freely arranged. However, this can also entail risks since sponsors are less protected by legal provisions. 

In the attachment you will find a detailed list of points which an agreement should include – as well as a template for a sponsorship agreement. 
This template will help you create your own sponsorship agreement for an association. You can find the template for sponsoring an athlete here and for an event here.

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Vorlage Sponsoring Vertrag für Vereine