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Raising an objection to a tax assessment

Our templates can help you if you have complex tax problems.

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Tips for raising an objection to a tax assessment

How do I word a request to extend my tax deadline? How do I raise an objection to a tax decision? Tax law is complicated.

  1. Request to extend the deadline for the tax declaration
    You receive a submission deadline together with the documents for your tax declaration (e.g. by March 31 in the cantons of Zurich and Lucerne). However, if you submit a request with a brief justification to the responsible municipal tax office before the deadline, the tax office can extend the deadline.
  2.  How to object to a tax assessment or bill
    ​​​​​​​You must raise the objection or appeal within 30 days – calculated from the day after receipt of the tax assessment or objection ruling – in writing in accordance with cantonal requirements (e.g. number of copies). For reasons of proof, it is best to do this by means of a registered letter.

Attached you will find additional information and two templates for extending a deadline and raising an objection.

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