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Required form for initial rent

In some cantons, landlords must inform the new tenant of the previous rent on conclusion of the rental agreement.

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Communication of previous rate upon conclusion of a rental agreement

In many regions of Switzerland, the supply of affordable housing is scarce. In order to counteract the associated increase in rent prices, some cantons (currently BS, GE, LU, NE, VD, ZG, ZH) require landlords to provide the previous rent on a form when concluding a new lease.  This gives the new tenant more transparency and the option of contesting the initial rent via the arbitration office within 30 days of taking over the rented property.
An appeal is also possible in cantons that do not have a required form. The conditions are that the tenant found themselves forced

  1. based on hardship, or
  2. based on the conditions of the local housing market at the time the new rental agreement was concluded, or
  3. that the rent was increased significantly compared to the previous rent.An increase is considered significant if the new rent is more than 10 percent higher than the previous rent.

In cantons that have a required form, housing scarcity is automatically assumed (i.e. the second requirement is deemed to be a given in these cantons).

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