Sponsorship agreement for events

You're planning an open air concert, a sporting event, or a village fete and are seeking sponsors? We recommend you draw up a sponsorship agreement.

The answer in detail

Do you have to draw up a sponsorship agreement for an event?

Organizing musical, sporting and other events involves a lot of work and is often very costly. That's why many great events can only be held thanks to the generosity of their sponsors. As a reward for their financial support, the sponsors expect to see communication of their brand, product or service at or before the event– for example in brochures, on posters, in the internet, in the form of give-aways or at a stall at the event.
The sponsor wants to increase its market presence and brand recognition as well as to benefit from media interest and the event's good image. We recommend drawing up a sponsorship agreement in order to define the rights and obligations of the sponsor and the sponsored party as well as to prevent disputes.

Our template will help you.

Important documents
Vorlage Sponsoring Vertrag Veranstaltung