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Pregnant women belong to the risk group - what does that mean?

Here you will find the answer to the question what it means that pregnant women are in the risk group.

The answer in detail

Articles and documents last updated January 2021

Risk group due to pregnancy

This means that the employer must take special social and occupational protective measures to prevent a pregnant woman from becoming infected with the coronavirus. A home office is recommended wherever possible. In addition to the protective measures already in force and to be observed by pregnant women according to the Mutterschutzverordnung (not available in English), this now means that pregnant women are subject to increased protection requirements and in individual cases they can even stay at home for fear of infection and not lose their entitlement to a salary.

However, you should not do this without first seeking legal advice. In the case of risk groups, the employer must therefore order home offices and/or implement measures to ensure that the FOPH's recommendations regarding the coronavirus in terms of hygiene and social distancing can be complied with. What exactly such organisational and technical measures must look like must be considered individually at each workplace.

The employer must ensure that all reasonable safety precautions are taken to prevent infection. If home office is not possible and the hygiene and distance rules at the place of work cannot be observed, pregnant women may stay at home and do not lose their right to a salary.