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Do I have to pay the fees of the debt collection company?

I have received an invoice from a debt collection company on which high additional costs are demanded. Do I have to pay this?

The answer in detail

The most important Information on the subject of collection fees

In general, you have to pay at agreed time. Your contractual partner may also only ask you to pay at that time. However, from this point in time, a debt collection company can be commissioned. This usually only happens after a first reminder has already been sent though.

Attention: A reminder is actually not necessary, if you have not paid at the agreed date, a debt enforcement could theoretically take place.

According to the law, 5% default interest is owed, unless you have agreed a higher interest rate. The same applies to reminder fees: These are only owed if you have accepted them, for example in the general terms and conditions, and the amount is specified there. If, without an agreement, more late payment costs are demanded than are covered by the 5% interest rate, the creditor (the person or company who demands the money from you) must prove how these costs have come about. This is often too difficult. The costs of debt collection companies must not be added to this either.

Other imaginary costs such as "legal advice costs", "customer costs", etc. may not be charged. If, however, you have been rightly pursued and debt collection costs have arisen, these may also be demanded by the debt collection company.

It is important not to be intimidated, as this is the tactic of the debt collection companies. Do not let yourself be pressured and let a professional look at the bill before you pay, even if you are threatened with debt collection.