Sponsorship agreement for sportspersons

You want to draw up a sponsorship agreement with a sportsperson, or you yourself are a sportsperson who is looking for a sponsor?

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Instructions for drawing up a sponsorship agreement

There are many reasons for concluding a sponsorship agreement. For the sponsored party, it's usually a very lucrative source of income. As sponsorship agreements are generally concluded for many years, they guarantee the sportsperson a regular income over a longer period. For the sponsor, marketing activities are the focus. Sportspersons are attractive brand ambassadors who promote the brand name, reach a special customer group, promote employee and customer relationships, carry out networking, and improve the sponsor's image.
However, as sportspersons are just single individuals, there is also a certain risk that they might suffer a sudden loss of form, sustain an injury, or conduct themselves in an inappropriate manner either on or off the field of play. A written sports sponsorship agreement is not strictly necessary. Agreements can also be concluded verbally or even tacitly. However, as many things usually need to be specified in a sports sponsorship agreement and a lot of money is often involved, it is advisable for purposes of proof to draw up a written sponsorship agreement – if necessary, with the help of a lawyer.

Here you will find a template for a sponsorship agreement.

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