Am I in the right?

Tips and templates from our experts


Be careful when liking posts on Social Media

According to a federal court decision, you can make yourself liable to prosecution if you mark comments and posts on social channels with Like.

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Dangers of online shopping

You've seen great shoes in an online shop? What you need to watch out for when shopping on the internet so as not to experience any nasty surprises.

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Your web content has been copied?

The content of your website is copyright-protected. You can use our template to warn transgressors.

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Warning due to illegal streaming

Our factsheet shows you what downloads and streaming are permitted in Switzerland and what is forbidden.

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How to proceed if my privacy is violated on the internet

Our factsheet and our template will help you in such cases.

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How do I register and protect my domain?

Our factsheet shows you what to watch for when selecting your domain and how to protect it.

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What data is being collected about me?

We show you how to see the data that is being collected about you.

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Challenge an unwanted internet contract

Have you unwittingly concluded a contract in the internet with a dubious provider? Our sample letter will help you mount a challenge.

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