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Toying with the idea of leasing an allotment?

Allotments are generally leased, which requires the signing of a contract.

The answer in detail

About to fulfill your wish of leasing an allotment?

MyRight explains what you must keep in mind when drawing up a contract for your allotment.

You generally use a family or allotment garden for yourself and your leisure. That’s why terms apply which also apply for renting an apartment. It also means that an allotment contract is somewhat comprehensive and there are a number of points to note:

  • For example, you can’t plant just any plant you feel like. Certain heights for plants may not be exceeded.
  • It is often prohibited to keep small animals, unless there is a designated area for small animals on the allotment property.
  • You must be considerate of your neighbors and observe quiet hours.
  • As an allotment gardener you must maintain the garden, which means regularly weeding your allotment and keeping the paths in front of it clean.
  • Depending on the contract and need, you must complete a minimum number of hours of community work (e.g. maintaining the community facilities).
  • Occasional overnight stays in the garden are usually permitted, but the garden house cannot be lived in permanently.
  • Water and electricity connections are allowed and are usually already installed. As a rule, gas and sewage systems (including toilet and septic tanks) are not included in the equipment. For this reason, most garden areas belonging to private associations have community toilets.
  • Satellite dishes and telephone connections are often also prohibited.
  • When building a garden house, you must adhere to the contractually stipulated maximum size and the regulatory and contractual provisions must be observed.

In addition to the rules, the lease agreement includes additional elements, such as the costs for rent including ancillary costs, the term of the lease, termination options, and notice periods, etc. Our contract template for an allotment lease agreement will give you an overview.

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