Has your rent been raised? Find out more about your rights

Am I in the right?

Tips and templates from our experts


My company is insolvent

There's a great deal of uncertainty when an employer goes bankrupt. We tell you everything you need to know.

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What should your application include?

We can help you apply for a new job.

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Request for the issue or correction of a work reference

You are unhappy with your work reference?

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Request to be informed of termination reasons

You want to know the precise reasons why your employer has terminated your employment?

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Raising an objection to a wrongful termination

Has your employer wrongfully terminated your employment relationship?

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Contesting termination during a blocking period

You want to contest a termination that was issued after an accident or during illness, pregnancy, or military service?

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Immediate termination by the employee

Do you want to terminate your employment relationship without complying with the ordinary notice period?

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You disagree with a warning you've received from your employer?

Then you should formulate a rebuttal.

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You received an employment contract, but cannot start working?

This is a case of a delay in accepting an offer of work.

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Your employer is insolvent and hasn’t paid your salary?

We have put together key information for you.

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