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Consumer issues

Do I have to pay the fees of the debt collection company?

I have received an invoice from a debt collection company on which high additional costs are demanded. Do I have to pay this?

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Damage due to faulty products

If damage arises due to a faulty product, product liability takes effect. What do you need to be aware of in such cases?

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Template – rental agreement for movable property

Do you need a rental agreement for movable property? For example, for a boat, drill, or motor home? Use our template for this purpose.

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How do I formulate a reminder in the event of delayed delivery by the seller?

You have made a purchase on an online platform or another form of transaction and delivery is delayed. What can you do?

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Faulty goods

Have you received faulty goods? What can you do about it?

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Damage due to a faulty product

Have you suffered damage due to a faulty product? Our checklist and sample letters will help you.

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Termination of a cellphone contract

You want to terminate your cellphone contract? Use our template and save hassle.

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Your phone bill is wrong

You've received your phone bill and think it's wrong? You can contest your phone bill using our sample letter.

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