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Should you hang your mask on the rear-view mirror of your car?

This can restrict the driver's field of vision and lead to carelessness while driving. MyRight clarifies where your mask should be stored in the car.

The answer in detail

Articles and documents last updated June 2021

Should you hang your mask on the rear-view mirror of your car?

Medical practices, shopping centers, or gas station shops: A mask requirement still applies in Switzerland. But where do you put your mask if you have to jump into the car quickly after going to the doctor or shopping?  The convenient “storage location” for many is their rear-view mirror, where the mask dangles and impedes the driver’s field of vision.

That’s why in this case you need to be careful!

Road vehicles must be safe to operate and drivers must always pay attention to the road. The legislation (Art. 71a Windows and view) states that you as a driver must have a 180° clear view to the front. Therefore, no objects may be attached to the windows or the rear-view mirror that impair this 180° view. Failure to do so may result in a fine or, in the worst case, even a warning or withdrawal of your driving license. 

Our tips: To avoid a fine, it is best to keep the mask in the glove compartment or in a bag.