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What should your application include?

We can help you apply for a new job.

The answer in detail

Why is a good application submitted in writing so important?

Oftentimes, an exciting job opening will garner hundreds if not thousands of applications. An application is a good way for HR or the mandated HR consultant to filter through interesting applicants in a first step. Here, we give you tips on what you should include in your CV, how to create an appealing cover letter, and which documents you must definitely attached.

Are you going to apply to a job ad?

Then you should find the main points of the ad and show how these match with your profile and knowhow. Explain why you are applying for the job, concentrate on the needs of the company, and emphasize the strengths and skills you can offer your potential employer.

Are you interested in a certain company, but they don’t currently have any suitable vacancies?

For a direct application (also referred to as a spontaneous or unsolicited application), you gear your application toward a specific company. Draw attention to your expertise and experience, and make specific reference to projects and success stories to underline these. 
The advantages of an unsolicited application: There is no direct comparison with other applicants and your documents may even get more attention.

The following should be included in your application package:

  • A cover letter with your signature and the date
  • Your CV with a current picture
  • Your work references, the most current first
  • Your diplomas and/or training references

Do I need to include a cover letter with my application?

With an original cover letter, you can show HR why you are the right person for the job. The letter is usually the first thing they will see from your application; it's like a business card. Convince them in a concise summary of your strengths and skills, and that it is worthwhile to read the rest of your application.

You want to know exactly what needs to be in your CV and what a cover letter could look like? In the attachment you will find documents including templates for a CV and cover letter.

Important documents
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