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Template – rental agreement for movable property

Do you need a rental agreement for movable property? For example, for a boat, drill, or motor home? Use our template for this purpose.

The answer in detail

Rental agreement for movable property

First of all: Movable property includes items that are – as the name suggests – movable from one location to another. By contrast, property, buildings, or parking spaces are not movable property.

The rental agreement for movable property is different from that of a loan or lease. A loan is for items that are borrowed for free. In the case of leasing, the lessee bears the risk of maintenance: For example, they must pay the repair costs of the leased vehicle. Unlike these two forms, for rental the use of the movable property is associated with costs (for a fee).

Rental agreements for movable property do not necessarily need to be documented in writing to be legally valid. However, we always recommend concluding a contract in written form. A rental agreement can serve as proof in any potential disputes at a later time.

Our agreement template can help.

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