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Damage due to faulty products

If damage arises due to a faulty product, product liability takes effect. What do you need to be aware of in such cases?

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Damage due to faulty products

Product liability refers to the liability for damage caused by placing a faulty product on the market. Manufacturers, importers, and sellers are obligated to ensure that the products they place on the market are safe. Consumers who suffer damage due to a faulty product can claim damages under the Product Liability Act (PrHG) if certain conditions are met. Find out more in our checklist.

Note: If a purchased item does not function correctly or is defective, you must contact the seller and send the object for repair in accordance with the conditions of the guarantee. Defects have nothing to do with product liability. Product liability only takes effect when the defective product causes subsequent damage to people or property (not the damage to the product itself).

In our model documents, you will find a sample notification for reporting damage to the manufacturer, a request to name the manufacturer, and a template for the assertion of a claim against suppliers.

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