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Termination of a cellphone contract

You want to terminate your cellphone contract? Use our template and save hassle.

The answer in detail

Terminating a cell phone contract. What do you need to do?

Not enough free minutes, or data volume? Your cell phone contract no longer meets your needs?

Then you should check the following points before you draw up a termination letter:

  1. How long does your contract still have to run? Many cell phone providers offer contracts with a term of 24 months. It can be expensive if you want to get out of your contract before the term has lapsed because premature termination can trigger contract termination fees. It’s vital to check the terms in advance.
  2. How long is your notice period? You can find your notice period in the contract documents or you can ask your provider directly. As a rule, the notice period is three months. This means that the termination must be received by your provider before this three-month period expires. Caution: If your termination letter is not received on time, then your subscription may be extended automatically.

You checked your contractual term and notice period and now want to draw up a termination letter?

Be sure to do this in writing. We can help you word your termination letter with our attached template.

Ask the provider to confirm receipt of the termination in writing and keep the confirmation as proof that you have terminated your contract in a valid manner.

Note: You are entitled to take your cell phone number with you to your new provider. You can indicate this when you conclude your new cell phone contract, and the number will usually be taken over by the new provider.

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