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Your phone bill is wrong

You've received your phone bill and think it's wrong? You can contest your phone bill using our sample letter.

The answer in detail

If the phone bill is incorrect...

...you can request the data and address elements used (the complete phone number dialed or lines called and the number of the calling lines without the last four digits) to create the invoice from any provider. You are also entitled to information regarding the data, time, and duration of the connections and the owed compensation. In addition, the provider has an obligation to you to prove that it has performed its services seamlessly and invoiced these correctly.

If something about a bill still seems dubious to you, do the following:

  1. Only pay what does not seem dubious to you. It is usually difficult to reclaim what you have paid. If you pay what seems correct, your phone line cannot be blocked.
  2. Contest the questionable part in writing, providing reasons, and send the letter as registered mail.

Protect yourself against high bills by:

  • blocking expensive 0900 numbers. Some telephone providers, such as Swisscom, do so with a so-called blocking set.
  • buying a fee-counting phone and getting information in advance about the numbers you call and the associated rates.
  • hanging up if the corresponding minute rate is not indicated at the start of the connection. 
  • making sure you do no dial a similar number used by dubious providers to cause confusion.
  • not calling any 0900 numbers you don’t know
  • always checking your phone bill
  • contacting the child protection agency: Access to erotic services must be blocked for all people below the age of 16
  • as a last resort, filing a criminal complaint with the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM). On the OFCOM website under the menu item Telecommunications, you will find an overview of the categories of value-added service numbers (0900 numbers) and an overview of the names and addresses of the number holders.

Special case – text messages

If your cellphone bill is unexpectedly high, it may be that you sent or received text or multimedia messages with an additional charge. Many unsolicited text messages are considered spamming, i.e. unrequested mass advertising. Mass advertising – whether by text, email, or phone – is prohibited in Switzerland if you as the recipient have not consented to it. Get more information on this from OFCOM under menu item telecommunication -> practical info.

Call centers

Marketing calls from call centers have become quite frequent. Most of these telephone sales staff work on a commission basis, meaning they are under pressure and often come across as pushy.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of such calls:

  • Request the caller to delete your entry from the address directory of the company.
  • Do not answer any questions (say that you don’t have any time).
  • Simply hang up.

With our sample letter, you can contest certain items in your phone bill by requesting detailed proof of each call and a technical review.

Important documents
Vorlage Anfechtung Telefonrechnung