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You disagree with a warning you've received from your employer?

Then you should formulate a rebuttal.

The answer in detail

You think that your employer's warning was wrong?

If you are an employee and you believe that your employer's warning is unjust, then you can submit a rebuttal.

What should the rebuttal include?

It should describe the situation or circumstances as precisely as possible and, if possible, be supported with evidence. For example, you could also name witnesses. You can also set out a requirement in the rebuttal that the said document be stored in your personnel file and that the unjustified warning be removed. 

How should a rebuttal be submitted?

For reasons of proof, this should be done in writing. Although there is no deadline to comply with, you should not wait too long. 

What else can I do?

If the employer does not want to remove the warning from your personnel file, you can take legal action to force them to do so. However, you should not lodge a legal complaint against your employer during the employment relationship unless it is necessary, since it usually destroys the relationship of trust for good. 

Below, we provide a sample rebuttal for you to use. 

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