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Immediate termination by the employee

Do you want to terminate your employment relationship without complying with the ordinary notice period?

The answer in detail

Information on immediate termination by the employee

You as an employee can also terminate your employment relationship without notice. However, to be valid, a significant reason is required. Any circumstance that makes a continuation of the terminating employee's employment relationship unreasonable is deemed to be a significant reason. This can be serious breaches by the employer or even exceptional situations on the part of the employee. A termination without notice ends the employment relationship on that same day. However, if there is no significant reason and the termination without is unjustified, you may be held liable to pay damages. 

You can find more information on which prerequisites justify a termination without notice and the steps you can take in our fact sheet.

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Merkblatt Fristlose K√ľndigung Arbeitnehmer