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Developments on coronavirus in air traffic

What do entry bans of certain countries mean for your already booked flight? For the cancellation of hotel bookings? MyRight gives the answer.

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Entry bans

Updated on 13.11.2020

In certain countries, entry bans apply. Legal answers to questions in connection with such prohibitions, but also in connection with the cancellation of trips to other countries, can be found below.

I have booked a flight to the USA. Due to the entry ban for Europeans because of the coronavirus, I cannot take the trip. Can I claim my money back?

If flights are cancelled due to official orders, in this case those of the United States of America, the airline can no longer provide the promised service, i.e. cannot carry out the flight. In this case, please contact the airline, your travel agent, your travel insurance company or a passenger rights portal directly to assert your possible claim for a refund of the ticket price or rebooking. Unfortunately, you cannot assert any further claims. Note: Many flight providers, such as Swiss, have set up special hotlines. Find out more about them on the websites of the travel providers. If it is not clear whether the trip will be carried out, we also recommend that you contact the tour operator or airline directly. Important: If you, as the person concerned, cancel the flight yourself, you will lose any claims.

What about the booked hotel room and the rental car? Can I cancel free of charge?

If you have booked the hotel room and the rental car directly, you bear the cost risk as a customer. This means that if the service provider does not meet your expectations and refunds all or part of the purchase price of the booking or offers you a rebooking, you will be left with the costs. We recommend that you read the cancellation regulations carefully. Many hotels offer free cancellation possibilities until 24 hours before arrival or there are so-called cancellation fees. Also check the terms and conditions of your travel or travel cancellation insurance, if you have one. If you have booked the trip with a travel provider, contact them to request a possible refund of the travel price or a rebooking.

What if the airline cancels flights to countries other than the USA because of the coronavirus. Can I claim my money back?

If the flights are not cancelled due to official orders, contact either the airline, your travel agent, your travel insurance company or a passenger rights portal directly to claim your possible refund of the ticket price, rebooking and possible compensation.

I have booked a trip to an area contaminated with the coronavirus. Can I have the trip cancelled free of charge by the tour operator?

In principle, the trip cannot be cancelled free of charge. The cancellation regulations of the provider apply. Many tour operators follow the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). If the FOPH advises against travelling to a specific destination, the tour operators will regularly reimburse the travel costs. If necessary, a travel insurance policy taken out for this purpose will also cover the costs.