Corona: The latest federal decisions and their effects

What are the effects of the crisis? What changes do the decisions of the Federal Council and Parliament mean? MyRight provides the answer.

The answer in detail
Status 26.05.2020 In a widely respected ruling, the Federal Tribunal has ruled that an employer must pay a share of the rent for an apartment to an employee with a home office obligation. What does this mean for all those who work in a home office because of the current situation? - Due to the current situation, my employer has asked me to work from home and not to come to the office. Can I ask my employer to pay part of my rent? In this case it is an exceptional situation and not a permanent situation. The employer is concerned about your health and the Swiss government has recommended that you work from home wherever possible. In this case, however, it is not explicitly a home office requirement for which the employer is responsible. In principle, there is no obligation on the part of the employer to pay compensation in this case. The situation is different if your employer permanently offers you no or no suitable workplace and you have to set it up at home in order to be able to perform your business tasks. In this case, your employer is liable to reimburse you for the work infrastructure at home that is necessary for the performance of your work. The respective compensation must be examined on a case-by-case basis. - So the Federal Tribunal's decision does not apply to all of them? No, not all employees who work from home during the Corona lockdown can expect additional compensation. If you work from home at your own request, but are not explicitly obliged to work from home, you cannot make a claim. In this case, there is a workplace available for you in the company in addition to the "Corona home office" and you work from home only temporarily. Status 12.05.2020 - My holidays booked at the travel agency are cancelled. What should I do? On 6.5.2020, Parliament decided in an extraordinary session that refunds to customers need only be made once travel agencies or tour operators have received the money already paid for by the airlines and hotels. What consequences does this decision have for you and your planned trip? We recommend that you wait until the tour operator cancels your trip so that you can then apply for a refund of the travel costs already paid. We do not recommend that you cancel your trip yourself. This may result in cancellation costs that will be charged to you. If the tour operator cancels your trip, you will have to be patient with the Parliament's decision on reimbursement. The travel agency can now wait until October of this year before reimbursing the costs you have already paid. Some tour operators issue vouchers as an alternative to payment, which you can redeem on a later trip.