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Your travel has been canceled or interrupted because of “force majeure”?

You can’t commence a planned journey because of bad weather? What compensation can you expect?

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Force majeure means an unforeseen, unforeseeable, extraordinary event caused by an inevitable external force for which no party can be held responsible and which could not have been avoided even if extreme care had been taken. War or epidemics at the vacation destination are usually deemed to be force majeure. However, terror attacks and natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes are, as a rule, also considered to be cases of force majeure.

Scenario one:

You’ve been looking forward to your vacation for months, but can’t begin your journey because the hotel you booked has been washed away in floods and you are advised not to travel to your destination country.

Scenario two:

You and your family are on vacation but have to interrupt it due to a hurricane and return home. These are examples of what is referred to as “force majeure”.

In the attached document, we show you what compensation you can expect. We have also created a sample letter to tour operators.

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