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Has your flight been delayed or canceled?

Flights are often subject to serious delays or else are canceled or overbooked. What are your options?

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What should you do if your flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked?

Under certain circumstances, you can demand compensation from an airline if your flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked.

In Switzerland, EU regulations apply (Regulation EC No. 261/2004). The compensation regulations contained therein apply for all flights from an airport in Switzerland or the EU as well as for flights with a Swiss or EU airline flying to Switzerland or a country of the EU.

The regulations govern the following claims against the airline:

  • Costs of meals, communication (e.g. phone calls or fax), and overnight accommodation
  • Reimbursement of ticket costs and entitlement to a replacement flight
  • Financial compensation in the event of last-minute cancelations

The following fact sheet explains your rights and includes a sample letter to the airline.

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