Your dream trip turns out to be a nightmare?

Freeway right in front of your hotel room? Stony wasteland instead of a golf course? Our checklist shows you when you can demand a refund.

The answer in detail

Your dream trip turns out to be a nightmare?

You've booked a dream trip with a 5-star hotel directly by the beach, golf course or large pool?

On arrival, you discover that your dream hotel is right next to the freeway, the beach is miles away, the golf course has no grass, or the pool is barely larger than a blow-up paddling pool. For such misrepresentations, you can file a claim against the tour operator or the hotel.
The so-called Frankfurt Table (Frankfurter Tabelle) offers a useful guide to the discounts that can be demanded. Our documents also include a sample defects report for submission to the tour operator, if represented locally.

If the tour operator has no local representative, you can use the letter template for reporting your complaints.

Use the "Reduction" (Minderung) template to demand a price reduction or partial refund of the travel costs after your vacation.

Important documents
Allgemeine rechtliche Informationen zum Reiserecht
Checkliste Reisemängel
Checkliste Frankfurter Tabelle
Vorlage Protokoll Reiseleitung
Vorlage Mängelanzeige
Vorlage Minderung und Schadenersatz