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Complaints because of excessive noise

You feel disturbed by a noisy neighbor? We show you how to defend yourself.

The answer in detail

What can you do if your neighbor is too loud time and again?

These four points define excessive noise:

  • Timing: The quiet hours applicable in the cantons and/or municipalities must be adhered to. These are usually between 12 noon and 1 p.m., from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. and on Sundays and public holidays. Of course. there are also permissible types of noise during quiet hours. For example, if someone works a late shift and can shower only after 10 p.m. House rules must also be adhered to provided they are reasonable and were already in place when the rental contract was concluded.
  • Volume: What is “too loud”? There is no exact definition, the courts base their decisions on an average level of noise sensitivity. Vacuuming, playing the piano, or noise made by children do not qualify excessive noise. However, a brass band practicing in the next-door apartment or a group of children stomping around in the apartment above you for hours on end several times a week are examples of excessive noise.
  • Character: Not every type of noise can be categorized equally. For example, it is different if a child is practicing the flute or a teenager is playing the drums.
  • Frequency: Noise that is generally not excessive can be categorized as such if it occurs too frequently. Let’s go back to our example about making music: If your neighbor plays the violin every day, in the morning and afternoon, this could be considered excessive. If they only play twice a week, this must be tolerated.

If you repeatedly feel bothered by the noise of the same neighbor, we recommend talking with your neighbor or landlord in a first step. For the next steps, it is important that you are able to document the noise nuisance. You should therefore keep a sort of noise report. You can find a template in the attachment.

In another step, we recommend that you inform your landlord in writing. Your best option is to write to them enclosing the noise report. Our letter template can help you with this. You can find personal advice from MyRight here.

Important documents
Vorlage Lärmprotokoll und Brief Lärmbelästigung