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Coronavirus: Travel to risk countries, quarantine and salary.

What are the effects of travels to high-risk regions and quarantine on the salary? MyRight explains.

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Effects of travel to high-risk countries/areas

Updated 3 July 2020

Am I entitled to a salary if I have to go into quarantine (according to the BAG) after a trip abroad in a risk area?

No, in our opinion, the employer is not obliged to pay the salary in such cases, as the absence is self-inflicted. An exception could only apply to returnees who have been forced to start the journey for personal reasons, for example to visit a dying relative (note: however, there is no case law on this matter yet). If an employee is able to work in home office, then there is usually no impediment to work. From the federal government's point of view, the prevention of work through quarantine is also not without fault, which is why there is no entitlement to a compensation.

Is my employer allowed to order quarantine after holidays in a non-risk area according to the BAG, and what happens to the wage payment?

If a country is not on the list of risk areas, but has high infection rates, the employer may order a quarantine himself, but he must continue to pay his salary during this period. He may not force the employees to take holidays.

Can my employer forbid me to take holidays in a risk country?

No, employers may not forbid private travel. They can only inform their employees about the risks and ask them to handle them responsibly. However, holidays in a risk area can have an impact on wage payments (see above).