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Can I book a last-minute vacation without worries?

Many tour operators offer last-minute holidays at low prices, despite or because of the coronavirus. What do you need to consider before booking?

The answer in detail

Articles and documents last updated January 2021

Information on last minute vacation during the Corona crisis

Entry restrictions

Check the official website of the country you wish to visit to find out if there are any prohibitions or restrictions on entry.


If the FDFA does not indicate the place of the planned trip, you must in principle pay the cancellation fee stipulated in the contract.

Many tour operators are currently accommodating and charge little or no cancellation fee, but it is important to always read the general terms and conditions carefully, as it may happen, for example, that a service fee has to be paid in any case. To be on the safe side, ask for a written (e-mail) confirmation of what exactly will be refunded to you in case of cancellation.

Even if you have travel insurance, you should make sure to clarify in which cases it will apply. Find out exactly what country you are travelling to and when you are going to arrive and get the information in writing. If your trip is a package travel*, you are protected against the bankruptcy of your tour operator. This means that the tour operator has a duty to protect the money you have already transferred to him for your holiday, so that you can get it back if he goes bankrupt.

However, if the organizer cancels your trip, you have the option of taking another package of equal or greater value at no extra charge, take another package at a lower price and claim the difference, or request a refund of money already paid and not take the tour. 

However, if the Provider cancels the trip not because of a warning from the FDFA or any other official order, but because too few bookings have been made due to the coronavirus, this is not a case of force majeure and you have the rights described above. If you only book a last-minute flight, you can check your rights here.

On the spot

Each country has its own quarantine regulations and other restrictions such as opening hours, wearing of masks, closed sites, etc. Find out before you book, so that you can decide whether you want to travel to that country under these circumstances. Always follow the instructions of the local authorities, as non-compliance can result in fines or even prison sentences.

Your feeling

Holidays should be fun. But if you're always worrying while you're on vacation, fun can quickly take a back seat. That's why you should also inform yourself about the atmosphere and the development of the situation on the spot.

A package tour is defined as the pre-defined combination of at least two of the following services if this combination is offered at a total price and lasts longer than 24 hours or includes an overnight stay transport (for example, flight or train) accommodation (e.g. hotel or youth hostel) other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the total (e.g. excursions to holiday destinations).