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SwissCovid App - questions regarding employment law

New SwissCovid App: there are not only data protection law related questions but also labour law related . MyRight answers the most important ones.

The answer in detail

Articles and documents last updated June 2021

Explanation of employment law issues regarding the SwissCovid App

Can my employer require me to install the Corona App?

No, the use of the app is voluntary.

Will I receive my salary if I voluntarily go into quarantine after being notified by the App?

No. An alarm of the app alone is not an obligation to quarantine. Anyone who voluntarily goes into quarantine after being notified by the SwissCovid app without being ordered to do so by an authority or doctor will not receive any compensation. Anyone who has to go into quarantine by order of a doctor or an authority is entitled to the Corona compensation.

If I receive a warning, do I have to inform my employer?

In principle, you are not obliged to inform your employer or any other person about (possible) contact with infected persons. If you voluntarily go into quarantine, the employer must be informed.

Am I still allowed to go to work when I have received a report of a possible infection?

If you have symptoms, you should consult a doctor or here do the coronavirus check and follow the recommendations of the check. If you have no symptoms, you can go to work according to the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health. Continue to strictly follow the applicable rules of hygiene and conduct and monitor your health.

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