COVID-19: Do fitness subscription, trainings, hotel reservations expire?

What to do if fitness centres or hotels are closed, trainings at sports clubs or music lessons are cancelled. Do contributions expire? MyRight helps.

The answer in detail

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Updated on 13.11.2020

In order to contain the spread of the coronavirus, measures are repeatedly adopted in Switzerland by the federal government and the cantons. These have an impact on our daily life. We have collected answers to emerging questions.

I have booked vacations. However, due to the further spread of the coronavirus the hotel had to cancel my reservation. Do I get back the deposit I already made for my hotel reservation?

Yes, in principle the hotel will refund the reservation fee. In this case, the contract will be cancelled and the hotel will have to refund the money already received. However, contracts may provide otherwise. We recommend that you contact the hotel and discuss possible solutions (e.g. postponement of your stay or refund of the money).

The gym had to close due to the official order until further notice. What happens to my fitness subscription?

Certain fitness centers have clauses in their General Terms and Conditions (GTC) that govern what should apply in situations such as the present one. If this is not the case in your contract, we recommend that you contact your fitness center as soon as possible to discuss extending your subscription for the duration of the center's closure. Since the fitness center is temporarily unable to provide its services due to the ordered closure, a termination of the contract is also conceivable. Given the current situation, the fitness center does not owe any compensation. You can, however, demand a pro-rata refund from the fitness center for those months in which you are no longer able to train due to the closure.

Trainings cannot take place at the moment because of the corona virus. Football clubs, swimming clubs and other sports clubs have had to stop training. What happens with the membership fee that I have already paid?

It can be assumed that membership fees do not have to be refunded. The membership fee is not a payment for a specific service and the rights of a member are not limited to the use of the club facilities or club grounds or the participation in trainings. Other matters may be set out in the statutes. An immediate termination of the membership is conceivable, if the continuation of the membership does not seem reasonable.

I have booked music lessons for myself or my child, which are no longer taking place. Can I reclaim the amount already paid?

If a private music teacher cancels lessons or is forced to do so due to official instructions, he or she is generally obligated to refund any payments already made. A contract may provide for other arrangements.