Cribs and after-school care are closed due to COVID-19

Childcare facilities for children must close. Do I still have to pay the contribution? MyRight has the answer.

The answer in detail

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Cribs and after-school care are closed due to COVID-19 - what you can do?

Updated on 17.3.2020

The canton has decreed in our municipality that the crèches and after-school care are no longer allowed to look after children at the moment due to the coronavirus. Do I still have to pay the contribution for the crèche or after-school care?

We advise you to consult the contract first. If there is nothing in it, you can assume that the contract is suspended for the duration of the closure. This means that no payments will be made for the period during which your child is unable to attend the crèche or after-school care centre due to official orders. As the day care centre or after-school care centre is temporarily unable to provide its services due to the ordered closure, it is even possible that the contract may be terminated.
However, no compensation for damages is owed. We advise you to contact the day nursery or after-school care centre as soon as possible to find a suitable solution (e.g. suspension of the payment obligation for the duration of the closure or cancellation of the contract) and to record this in writing (including signing).

Please note: If, due to the current situation, you decide of your own accord not to send your child to the crib or after-school care centre, you will remain liable to pay.