Rights and obligations of the landlord

When and how must I inform my tenant of planned renovations, alterations and inspections? Find out more in our documentation.

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What rights and obligations do I have as a landlord?

The tenant is basically obligated to tolerate maintenance work on the rental property if its purpose is to eliminate defects and to remove or prevent damage. This obligation complements the landlord's maintenance obligation. Following the completion of conversion (but not maintenance) work, the landlord may be entitled to increase the rent.
The landlord must inform the tenant of the rent increase at least 10 days before the start of the notice period on a form approved by the relevant canton and must provide reasons. In addition, the landlord or his authorized representative may enter the tenant's apartment after giving prior notification, provided this is necessary for the maintenance, sale or re-letting – though in the latter case, only in the event of a rental contract termination or shortly before expiry of a temporary rental contract.

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