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What distance must I maintain to my neighbor’s property?

You want to replant your land or extend your property, but you don't know what distances you have to maintain to your neighbor under the law?

The answer in detail

Statutory regulations regarding distances to your neighbor’s property

To prevent disputes with the neighbors, the distance to property lines applicable to plants or buildings is governed by law. The stipulated distance defines how close buildings or plants can be located to the shared property line. Such regulations are defined at a cantonal level and vary by canton.
If you would like to deviate from the legally prescribed distances, you can conclude a corresponding agreement with your neighbor – provided they consent to the deviation. To ensure you have proof, you should conclude the agreement in writing.

And so that subsequent property owners are bound by the agreement after a sale of one of the properties, it is recommended to enter the agreement in the land register. Without the entry in the land register, the agreement is invalid vis-à-vis third parties (e.g. new owners/neighbors). In this case, the plants or construction that are too close would possibly have to be removed.

With both of our templates, you can contractually govern either plants or construction plans with your neighbor. We also show which plant distances apply in your canton. For the legally prescribed distances for buildings, contact your local building authority.

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