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Requesting your landlord to remedy defects

You have discovered a defect in your apartment and want to request your landlord to remedy it? Our sample letter will help you.

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How to request your landlord to remedy defects in your apartment

If a defect in the rental property arises during your tenancy that you as tenant cannot remedy yourself without the help of an expert and at an own cost of generally no more than CHF 150, you are legally obligated to report this defect to your landlord as soon as possible.

To instruct your landlord to remedy the defect, you must set them an appropriate deadline for the repair. This can also be done orally. However, to have proof we recommend doing so in writing. Since in the event of a dispute you must have proof that the landlord has delayed the remedy of the fault, you should send the written demand to the landlord by registered mail.

If you would like to deposit future rent payments with the responsible cantonal authorities because of unremedied defects, you must indicate you will do so in the letter that sets a deadline for the defects to be remedied. Upon expiration of this deadline, you must also remind the landlord of the rent deposits (Art. 259G of the Swiss Code of Obligations). It is sufficient to write in the letter that future rent payments will be deposited with the responsible cantonal authorities.

You can find more information and a sample letter in the download.

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