Renovations and changes to the rental apartment by the tenant

If you want to carry out specific refurbishment work on your rental apartment, your landlord must first agree to this.

The answer in detail

You as a tenant want to carry out renovations and alterations to the rental property according to your wishes?

You first need the written approval of your landlord. Ideally, you should conclude an additional written agreement regulating the distribution of costs, your rights on termination of the rental agreement, how the work will be carried out, increases in value, etc. By agreeing to this in writing, the landlord forgoes his right to demand that the rental property be restored to its original state – unless the parties agree something else in writing.

We recommend that you sign an alteration agreement with your landlord.

Our template will show you how.

Important documents
Vorlage Ă„nderungsvereinbarung Wohnung