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Renovations and alterations to the rental apartment by the tenant

If you want to carry out specific refurbishment work on your rental apartment, you must first obtain the consent of your landlord.

The answer in detail

You as a tenant want to carry out renovations and alterations to the rental property according to your wishes?

As a rule, you as a tenant are not allowed to make alterations to rental property such as apartments. If you do so anyway, then the landlord can demand you restore the property to its original state when you move out. If you alter something without authorization to do so, the landlord can even claim damages or issue an extraordinary termination of your rental agreement.

For this reason, you should obtain written approval from your landlord before you make any alterations. Ideally, you should conclude an additional written agreement regulating the distribution of costs, your rights on termination of the rental agreement, how the work will be carried out, increases in value, etc. By agreeing to this in writing, the landlord forgoes their right to demand that the rental property be restored to its original state – unless the parties agree something else in writing.

We recommend that you sign an alteration agreement with your landlord. With the help of our template, you can easily conclude an alteration agreement with your landlord. When you do so, be sure to refer to the original rental agreement and create the same copies for you and your landlord. You can start making alterations as soon as you and your landlord have signed.

Important documents
Vorlage Ă„nderungsvereinbarung Wohnung