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Objection against a neighbor's construction project

Your neighbor's construction project will block your view? Our sample letter will help you raise an objection.

The answer in detail

How to object to your neighbor’s construction project

If you want to defend yourself against a construction project, remember: the sooner the better. In many cases, you won’t be able fight back at a later time if you don’t already raise objection at the beginning of the process.

The so-called legal remedy with which you can defend yourself differs depending on the process. But no matter whether its an appeal, complaint, or objection – you must submit the letter as registered mail within a certain timeframe. Warning: This period is often only a few weeks’ time (e.g. 20 or 30 days).

How do you find out about a construction project? The process varies depending on the municipality and canton. Construction projects are usually announced: For example, in the official gazette, with the building authorities, or in a letter to the neighbors.

We recommend using our template and obtaining information from the responsible municipality.