Entering the association in the Commercial Register

You want to register your association in the Commercial Register? Here you'll find all you need to know.

The answer in detail

Having your association entered in the Commercial Register is subject to certain requirements...

As well as the registration itself, all authorized signatories must sign a signature list and have their signatures authenticated. In addition, a person must be specified whose address will serve as the association's legal domicile. The association can be reached at this c/o address, and all communications of all types can be sent there. This person confirms their agreement in a domicile acceptance statement. The signature list, the domicile acceptance statement, and the registration are submitted together to the Commercial Registry Office.

Here you will find useful templates for the registration of your association, for the signature list, and for the domicile acceptance statement.

Important documents
Vorlage Anmeldung eines Vereins beim Handelsregisteramt
Vorlage Unterschriftenblatt
Vorlage Domizilannahmeerklärung