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Termination due to quarantine?

The FOPH describes the circumstances leading to a quarantine. Should I fear for my job?

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Articles and documents last updated January 2021

Termination due to necessary quarantine

Can I be fired if I am quarantined after a club visit?

In general, it is important to know whether or not it is your fault as an employee that you have to go into quarantine. If you are absent from work through your own fault, a dismissal can be legal. If you are negligent, then this is already the case. One is negligent if one does not observe precautionary measures that a person acting reasonably would have observed. So you can say that if you are unreasonably in a club where the precautionary measures are not (or cannot be) observed, you are acting negligently and it is your own fault that you have to go into quarantine. Therefore a dismissal by the employer could be legal. As always, however, the individual case must be considered.