Coronavirus: I cannot pay my apartment rent?

What happens if I can no longer pay the rent for my apartment? MyRight helps.

The answer in detail
Read the impact of the latest developments in our legal tip Corona: The latest federal decisions and their effects Updated on 23.3.2020 The current status is that the tenancy law regulations continue to apply as before. If you as a tenant do not pay the rent, the landlord can send a reminder. He then sets a 30-day payment deadline. If this period is not used and the rent is not paid, the landlord can cancel the apartment at the end of the next month. This again with a period of notice of 30 days. This also applies if you only pay part of the rent. If you get into financial difficulties, you should therefore contact the landlord and ask for a deferral of payment or an instalment payment. If the landlord agrees, it is advisable to record the agreement in writing. If the agreement is nevertheless terminated, you can contest it within 30 days at the arbitration board. As the so-called formal requirements are quite strict for the landlord, it is therefore quite possible that the notice of termination was not quite correct. Then the termination would not be valid.