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Want to delegate the management of your property?

Here you’ll see what should be included in a property management agreement.

The answer in detail

Have you decided to entrust a management company with the management of your property?

This offers several advantages because you no longer have to take care of the maintenance or administrative affairs of your property. 

Certain points need to be considered when drawing up a contract with the management company:

  • You should precisely define the tasks covered by the management fee and those that are not included to shield yourself from extra costs. The administration can then only charge for additional services after consultation with you.
  • You must set a maximum amount up to which point the management company is allowed to make financial decisions unilaterally. For all expenses above the stipulated amount, the management company must discuss them with you and obtain your consent.
  • Define a notice period so that you do not have to pay compensation if you need to terminate the agreement.
  • Your property management agreement can be concluded informally, i.e. orally or tacitly. However, we recommend documenting the agreement in writing, potentially with the support of a legal expert. You also have the option of using our legal advice over the phone .

Other legal information can be found in our document. We have also drawn up a sample property management agreement for you.

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