Has your rent been raised? Find out more about your rights

Have you leased a vehicle, but can no longer afford the installments?

Then you should attempt to agree an out-of-court settlement with the counterparty. MyRight will explain how.

The answer in detail

Leasing installment overdue?

Have you leased a car and are not able to pay the monthly lease installments? Then you can try to reach a settlement with the leasing company. This will help prevent the risk of a legal battle. 
A distinction is made between an in-court settlement and an out-of-court settlement:

  • An in-court settlement is part of court proceedings.
  • An out-of-court settlement gives you the opportunity to relieve yourself of a debt without the court having to intervene.

With the help of an out-of-court settlement, you as debtor can then try to find another repayment method together with the creditor. The advantage of an out-of-court settlement is that no high court and attorney costs are incurred and both of the parties to the contract save a lot of time and effort that court proceedings would entail.

You can conclude an out-of-court settlement informally. However, MyRight recommends documenting the settlement in writing for evidentiary purposes.
We have created a template that will help you prepare for such an out-of-court decision.

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