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Regular termination of the rental agreement by the tenant

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Regular termination of the rental agreement by the tenant

You can terminate a rental agreement for an apartment in writing and by observing a three-month notice period. It is important that all parties listed as tenants in the rental agreement sign the termination. In the case of married couples, the consent of the other spouse must always be obtained. If the rental agreement relates to commercial space, it can be terminated in observance of a six-month notice period. The termination must be submitted to the landlord by the last day before the start of the notice period at the latest. 

If the rental agreement does not include any information on notice dates and periods, then you can terminate the agreement as of a date that is customary for the location in observance with the three- or six-month notice period. Such dates vary by region. If there is no such customary date, then the notice date is determined by prevailing law. This means that the termination date for residential or commercial rentals is the end of a three-month rental term. If, under these circumstances, the rental agreement thus started on January 1, then it can be terminated at the end of March, June, September, etc. There are often two to three notice dates per year, such as March 31 and September 30, and in some cases June 30.

It is possible to agree longer notice periods and other dates in the rental agreement.

Our sample letters show you how to formulate your notice of termination for an apartment or commercial space.

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