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How can I get to see my ancillary cost statements?

You've received an ancillary cost statement and want to see a detailed breakdown? Use our sample letter to ask your landlord to provide this.

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How can I, as tenant, get to see my ancillary cost statements?

Which ancillary costs do I have to pay?

We have summarized the legal background in this article.

How can I, as tenant, get to see my ancillary cost statements?

The landlord is not obligated to show tenants the original statements for the calculation of ancillary costs. If tenants exercise their right to see the statements, then they should arrange an appointment at the landlord’s office in advance, provided nothing else has been agreed. The right to inspection also includes the right to make copies of the relevant documents at your own expense. The landlord is not obligated to send you the documents or copies by mail. 

What happens if the landlord refuses to let me see the statements?

If the landlord refuses to allow inspection of the documents used as the basis for calculation, then in the case of agreed payment on account this prevents the outstanding payment falling due. Moreover, tenants can file a claim with the mediation authorities to assert their right to see the documents; in some circumstances, the landlord must bear the court costs in the resulting court proceedings – regardless of the outcome.

How long can tenants view the documents?

A tenant’s right to inspection only lapses if the ancillary cost claim of the landlord has become time-barred. A mandatory time limitation of the duty to allow inspection set to a time in the past is thus not allowed. Ideally, tenants should immediately review their heating bill upon receipt and exercise their right to inspect the documents as soon as possible.

How must I word the request for inspection?

The request to view the cost statements does not require a certain form. However, to have proof and be on the safe side, we recommend sending the request in writing by registered mail.

We provide you with a sample letter to the landlord below.

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