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Childcare with a childminder

What do you need to consider when have your child cared for by a childminder

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These childcare providers take care of an unrelated child or several unrelated children in their own home. The childminders are mainly obligated to provide for the wellbeing of the children in their care and to supervise them. However, they also take part in the upbringing and must account for the wishes of the parents. If the parents conclude an agreement directly with the day family, then the day mother or father qualify as self-employed, which has an impact on the legal relationship.

In addition to the reimbursement of costs (e.g. for clothes, diapers, excursions), the childcare providers also receive compensation for their work. This is normally charged by the hour. As self-employed people, the childminders must register with the local compensation fund (AHV) and settle their contributions personally.
Self-employed people also have the right to voluntarily conclude accident and daily sickness benefits insurance. Moreover, the childcare providers should have liability insurance. Other aspects that should be taken into account from a legal perspective or for a care agreement and information on how a care agreement should be filled out can be found in our template.

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