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How do you draw up a cohabitation agreement correctly?

Want to set down rules for certain aspects of your partnership – without getting married? Our template can help.

The answer in detail

Tips on the subject of cohabitation agreements

Among other things, the cohabitation agreement governs the following: Division of living costs (for example rent and food costs), the relationship with joint or non-joint children, and the ownership status of assets brought into the partnership.

Core elements of every cohabitation agreement are:

  • First name, last name, address of the parties to the contract;
  • Declarative statements that can assist in interpreting the agreement at a later time, e.g. time the couple moved in together and descendants (see point 1 of the attached sample agreement);
  • Information on the partnership, especially holdings and assignment of assets, dissolution, etc.;
  • Date and personal signature of both parties to the contract.

You can find more details in our checklist and agreement template.


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