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How do I draw up a contract of division?

Would you like to define with your co-heirs how the inheritance should be divided after a death in the family? A contract of division can help.

The answer in detail

Regulation of the division of the heritage

With a contract of division, the heirs stipulate who receives what from the estate of the deceased person. If the deceased person was married, matrimonial property rights take precedence over succession rights. In other words, before the estate is divided, the share due to the spouse must be considered first.

With our template, you learn how to create an estate partition agreement.

It must include the following elements:

  • First name, last name, date of birth, date of death, last address of the deceased
  • First name, last name, address of the heirs and relationship to the deceased
  • Assessments that may assist in the later enforcement of the estate partition agreement, for example the will of the deceased or matrimonial property (see section 1 of the sample agreement in the appendix)
  • Matrimonial property and inheritance rights
  • Allocation of the individual assets of the estate (assets and debts are taken into account here)
  • Date and signature of the heirs

If you would like to have your estate partition agreement reviewed by a professional, we would be happy to provide legal advice at a fixed price.

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