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Template for association bylaws

You'd like to draw up a set of bylaws for your association? Our template shows you what to do.

The answer in detail

You'd like to draw up a set of bylaws for your association?

An association has to have bylaws.

What are bylaws?

Bylaws are a type of constitution of an association. They set out the principles which should apply for the association. These can include ideals such as the purpose of the association, but also which governing bodies the association should have, for example, or how the association can be dissolved, etc.

Does an association have to have bylaws?

Yes. The association comes into being only after it has written bylaws.

What are bylaws required to include?

Bylaws must include the following:

  • The intention to found an entity (willingness to found the association)
  • Purpose
  • Funds (member fees, voluntary payments, etc.)
  • Organization

Are there any formal requirements to be met?

They must be set out in writing.

How do they have to be worded?

There are no provisions regarding specific wording. We have created a template for you to download.

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