Your rights

Everyday legal protection insurance

Unfortunately, life isn't just a bowl of cherries. But with our Everyday legal liability insurance, you can leave any legal cases with your landlord, neighbor or employer to us, together with the hassle and costs. We make sure that you assert your rights.

In these situations, legal protection insurance helps you

You live in a rented apartment?
We advise and represent your housing rights if your landlord suddenly increases the rent or your apartment contains defects from the beginning.
You're a homeowner?
We help you if the plumbing has not been installed properly or the painter refuses to pay for the paint stains on the new floor.
Legal problems in your job?
We support you in disputes with your employer, for example due to a bad reference or termination without notice.
You have an inheritance dispute?
We advise you on inheritance disputes within the family.
As a patient you have trouble with the hospital?
We support you if your doctor is not liable for treatment errors or the health insurance refuses to cover costs.
You're a sports fan?
We help you if the racing bike you ordered online is not delivered.
You're an animal owner?
We advise you if your rabbits ruin the carpet of your rented apartment, if you have problems with the dog boarding house, or if your neighbor reports you to the police because of your allegedly dangerous dog.
Problems with your neighbor?
We support you if your neighbor reports you because of excessively loud music or his high fence obstructs you when exiting the garage.
You were hit as a pedestrian on the crosswalk?
We represent you and ensure that the liability insurance of the guilty car driver pays.

In these situations, legal protection insurance helps you

  • We give you information about your legal issues
  • We check your documents
  • We handle your legal case
  • We represent you through our legal experts
  • We assume costs such as lawyer's fees, costs of expert opinions, costs of proceedings, court costs, collection costs and other costs

We cannot help you in certain situations

  • If you want to press charges against someone else, we cannot represent you.
  • If you have intentionally committed a crime, your defense is not covered by legal protection insurance.
  • We will continue to help you as a private individual, but not in connection with your occupational self-employment or as a member of the board of directors or board of trustees.
  • The insurance does not cover disputes arising from games and bets, the purchase of securities, participations in companies, or money laundering.

General Insurance Conditions