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Cyber legal protection insurance

Move safely through the digital world. Whether online shopping, credit card misuse or cyberbullying: Our Cyber legal protection insurance also safeguards your rights on the internet and in the social media.

In these situations, legal protection insurance helps you

You are being grossly insulted on Facebook?
We defend you against entries that violate your privacy and offer help with cyberbullying.
Someone misused your user profile on an online marketplace and offered items for sale in your name?
We support you with the legal steps.
Your online order was never delivered or was a fake?
We assume lawyer and court costs for disputes arising from contracts with online shops.
You have been charged for a hotel stay on your credit card that you never booked?
We support you in the event of data misuse on the internet.
You accidentally placed a protected landscape photo on your website and are now being prosecuted by the photographer?
We advise you on copyright infringements on the internet.

In these situations, legal protection insurance helps you

  • We give you information about your legal issues
  • We check your documents
  • We handle your legal case
  • We represent you through our legal experts
  • We assume costs such as lawyer's fees, costs of expert opinions, costs of proceedings, court costs, collection costs and other costs.

We cannot help you in certain situations

  • If your right to privacy is violated in print media, television, radio or their digital channels, these disputes are not covered by Cyber legal protection insurance.
  • Financial and investment transactions are not insured.
  • Important note: You are still welcome to contact us in these cases – and we will advise you on a possible further course of action.

General Insurance Conditions