Has your rent been raised? Find out more about your rights


Your private legal protection

We complete the offer of our legal services with the legal protection from AXA-ARAG. What are the characteristics?

  • Modular product: You choose and pay only what you really need
  • Pais attorney's fees in litigation (incl. tenancy law and labour law)
  • 140 lawyers and legal experts are at your side

Available modules - you decide what you need

  • Home & everyday - We help you defend your rights when you get involved in a dispute as a tenant, consumer or neighbor.
  • Mobility & Travel - Did the “idyllic country hotel” you booked turn out to be a dive right next to a highway? Are you at risk of losing your driver’s license? We can save you time, stress, and money.
  • Health & Personal Insurance - We’re your ideal partner for legal issues concerning sickness, medical malpractice, maternity, retirement or unemployment.
  • Work - Do you want to contest a bad testimonial? Have you been fired without notice? We’re here to help you defend your workplace rights.
  • Partnership & Family - We make sure that a legal dispute with social services, a custody battle or an inheritance dispute doesn’t cost you a fortune.
  • Taxes - Assistance in disputes with the Swiss tax authorities.

Flexible pricing of your premiums - you determine the deductible, maximum sum insured and term of your policy

Difference between legal protection insurance and legal advice?

Do you want to protect yourself against future disputes? Click above on . Do you have a existing legal problem? We can help you. If you are already insured with us, please contact us here. If not, have your problem checked here by a lawyer within 4 hours.